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Royal India Miramar/ Royal Banquet Terms and Conditions.

Clients holding an event at Royal India/ Royal Banquet or any of its sister concerns must accept to comply and agree to terms and conditions and are referred to as “Client” and Royal India, Royal Banquet, Royal Catering its management and staff collectively have been referred to as “Royal” in this agreement.

Menu to be served:
“Client and “Royal” must finalize and accept the menu to be served at the event and sign the menu paper.” All changes and updates in the menu must be in writing and accepted by both parties.

“Royal” reserves the right to make necessary changes to the menu,  if key ingredients are unable to be sourced due to reasons beyond the control.

 Consideration and Payment Terms:
In exchange for the specified service, the client shall pay to “Royal”, negotiated and agreed price per person or all inclusive price for the number of guests in attendance at the event, by Credit card or cash. A nominal processing fee up to 5% will be charged for payments made by credit card.

A nonrefundable deposit is required upon signing the contract. Deposit Amount due $1000.00

Balance due as per the payment schedule before the event. If full payment is not received one week before the event, the venue may cancel the reservation and all deposits may forfeit at the sole discretion of Royal.

Interest Expense & Collection Fees
Bills not paid in full as per the payment schedule are deemed overdue and will be assessed a 1.5% interest charge, equivalent to 18% annually, further, All accounts turned over for collections or legal pursuit are charged reasonable collections costs. Attorney fees.

Number of guests Guarantee and charges:
If charges are on per person basis. Cliens agree to inform “Royal” at least 30 days in advance as to a definite number granted in writing. Unfilled reservations WILL be billed.

If charges are for the package with guest guarantee, No discount is issued if some guests do not show up.. 
An additional $25 per person charge will be added in addition to per person charge for extra guests showing up.

Additional Services:
Client agrees to pay for all additional services requested.. Any additional service request shall be made by the client in writing and pay for added services and added services will not be part of the payment scheduled previously.

Outside vendor to work as an independent Contractor at the venue:
It is agreed that an outside vendor or Caterer or food supplier shall perform the specified work as an independent contractor working for the client. The outside Caterer at Royal India Royal Banquet venue must maintain their own insurance and workman comp and shall use their own tools, utensils and equipment. If an outside caterer does not provide insurance, Client will be fully responsible for all the liabilities, including food or damages caused by the outside caterer, vendors , its employees or associates.

Force Majeure:
It is expressly declared that the “Royal” shall not be liable for failure to deliver due or attributable to breach, non performance or delay in performance obligation under any act of God, orders, ordinances, restrictions or regulations of the Government of Central or State, War, warlike conditions, hostilities, riots, civil, commotions, strikes, lockouts, labor trouble, lack of failure of source of supplies of raw materials, labor or power or fuel shortage, breakdown or repair or accidents in the course of preparation, non availability of transportation or any other cause or circumstances of whatsoever nature beyond the control of the company. 

Non availability of the hall/ venue chosen by the client:​
If for some reason, Royal Banquet or the hall chosen by the client  is not available anymore, Royal will notify the client and try to accommodate the party at some other venue and if Royal fails to find another venue. Full refund will be issued to the client including all deposits.

Cancellation or Termination of the contract:
In the event of cancellation of the event by the Client. “Royal” is entitled to liquidated damages equivalent to 100 % of the total estimated charges for the  function. “Royal” may keep deposit and patrons shall be obligated to reimburse “Royal” for costs incurred, including, but not limited to, lost profits, the cost of any supplies purchased in anticipation of the event, maximum loss to the client will be charge of the contract price of the function.

Insurance and Indemnification:
“Royal” shall procure and maintain in full force and effect during the term of this contract a general liability insurance policy, Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless “Royal” for any injury, damage, theft or loss of property (including without limitation, equipment, plates, utensils and motor vehicles) occurring at the event that is caused by and to the guests attending the event.

 Rules and Regulations:
Client, their vendors, anyone associated with their party and their guests shall hold the event in compliance with rules and regulations by the city, state and Federal Government. Giving lectures against other faiths is not allowed.

​If anyone associated with the clients party break rules or gets intoxicated or fights with others. It will be the duty of the client to escort them or the event can be cancelled.

This Contract shall not be assignable by either party without the prior written consent of the other party. Subject to the foregoing limitation, this Contract shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the successors and assigns of the respective parties

Liquor liability sole responsibility of the client:
If an event is held at Royal India Royal Banquet or should the affair be held in a facility, where liquor is going to be served, all security and/or liquor consuming liabilities by Clients guests, will be the sole responsibility of the “Client”, including but not limited to how much guests can consume and client must guide their under 21 year old guests that they must not consume alcohol and should not ask for alcoholic drinks from the bar. Clients must also let their guests know that they must not share their alcohol with minors.

No outside alcohol will be allowed inside and client must make sure that client’s guests do not bring outside alcohol in the facility and client and their guests attending the event must not take alcohol served by the facility outside the premises, and consuming alcohol in a public place is against the law and law enforcement may arrest anyone consuming alcohol outside the facility and Client must protect “Royal” for all legal implications arising from such incidence and It is the client's responsibility to stop their guests from drinking in excess and beyond the legal limits. 

If the event is held till 2 am, Alcohol serving must stop at 1:30 am. Consumption of alcohol after that time in the facility is not allowed by law.

if Client or its guests act inappropriately or get drunk or for not conducting the event in an orderly manner.“Royal” management may stop the event at its discretion, without any refund to the client, 

If a client is allowed to bring their own alcohol, Client will be 100% responsible for serving alcohol and for security and all liabilities regarding alcohol at the event. 

Alcohol may only be served to persons over the age of 21 under the terms and under the conditions applicable to the laws of the state. Any penalties in violation of the state and federal laws by which may be caused during the event shall solely be the responsibility of the client.

Client’s sole liability to repair the damages and Royal holds the right to cancel the event for no

If due to client's or their guests or their vendors negligence, any controlling authority including police or fire department arrive or are called in. Royal would stop the party and an additional $1000 fine will be charged. No refunds will be issued to the client for stopping the event earlier.

“Royal” may stop the event without any refund given back to the client, if Client , their guests or their vendors act inappropriately for not conducting the event in an orderly manner.

Client’s sole liability and responsibility to hold the event in an orderly manner and pay for the damages caused by the guests, vendors or others associated with the party:

It is understood and agreed that the Client and their guests will conduct the function in an orderly manner and in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. Clients assume responsibility to repair like new or replace all damages caused by their guests, invitees or any other person attending the function including but not limited to furniture, decorations, utensils, marking with sharpies or graphity etc.

It is Client's responsibility and liability that client, their family members, their guests and vendors hold the event in an orderly manner including but limited to the following:

Conduct function in an orderly manner

Stop Children attending the function from running around and jumping around.

If someone spills something on the floor, if someone drops something on the floor, it can get slippery, which can cause minor or major injury. If someone drops something on the floor, the host must notify Royal staff immediately so it can be cleaned and addressed.

It is the client's liability, if someone gets hurt for not conducting the function in an orderly manner.

Stage use liability will be sole responsibility and liability of the client at their own risk:  

If the client is requesting the stage and/ or is going to be using its surrounding area. Stage is provided in an as is condition and may not be appropriate for everyone to use it. It is the client's sole responsibility to make sure that the stage is safely usable by them, their guests, vendors or anyone at Royal facility in connection with the event. 

Clients must check that the stage is safe to be used by anyone who is going to be on the stage. Clients will be solely responsible for using the stage by their guests or anyone attending the function, including but not limited to someone falling from it, slipping from it, any injury caused due to the use of the stage or its surrounding area.

Kids are not allowed to be on the stage unless accompanied by an adult. It is very dangerous for kids to be on the stage themselves and if they fall , it can cause a very serious injury leading up to death.

Liability for damage caused by client, their guests or their vendors: 

Clients will be responsible for any damage caused inside the facility including ruining paint, damaging any property inside or around the premises including decorations, furniture, tables, chairs or any other belongings of “Royal” or the premises.

Upon notifying the client regarding such damages. The client must address the issues within 7 days and get it repaired or repairs will be done by“Royal”  and the client will be responsible for payment plus 25% added to administrative time and if premises need to be closed for repairs, then the client will be responsible for lost business in addition to repairs.

No decorations, temporary fixtures, or any materials or application that may cause irreversible damage may be affixed to the walls of the facility that requires the puncturing of walls such as the use of nails, staples, tacks, or doors. Use of such items causes damage and “client” will be liable for paying the damages and for ruining the decor of the hall and for  loss of business due to that.

Acceptance of contract by the Client and Payment schedule:
As a condition precedent of the agreement that the patron will pay deposit, computed above on the acceptance of this contract. The deposit is non-refundable and in the event of breach of contract by the client, the “Royal” may keep deposit and Client will be obligated to reimburse “Royal” for any damage, costs incurred by reason of breach thereof, including, but not limited to, lost profits, the cost of any supplies purchased in anticipation of the event and for the contract price of the event.

“Royal” does not warrant that said premises are suitable for the purpose which they are intended as stated herein. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is given as to the fitness of the premises for the particular use by “Client”

Menu selection:
All details of the menu and set up timings etc.will be on the Menu page of the contract. If there is any change, it should be in writing only and must be approved by both the parties. No verbal approval will be valid.

Bar and Banquet Rules: 

You cannot order more than one drink at last call. Last call for events that run up to midnight is 11:30 PM. 

Royal reserves the right to refuse service to anyone regardless of the reason. 

If Royal has to call a cab to get a guest home, the cost of the cab will be charged to the renter. The host of the event will be contacted prior to any cab being called to offer options for getting the guest home safely. 

The renter listed on the contract is responsible for ensuring that no one attending or participating in the event brings their own alcoholic beverages. GUESTS who violate this rule will be asked to leave the premises immediately, their alcohol confiscated, and the rental damage deposit forfeited. 

Fees for bar service are due 3 weeks prior to the event. 

A list of current drink prices can be provided to the renter upon contract signing but are subject to change as alcohol prices may change from the time of contract to event. 

Brand of alcohol may change from what is in the contract depending on availability.

Photography and Video footage of the hall and event:
Royal India Miramar and Royal Banquet facility and its surrounding area is equipped with still and video cameras where appropriate, and sometimes other cameras are used to capture some photographs and videos of the party. “Royal” Royal India Miramar/ Royal Banquet or its management, may use footage of the party with or without guests, for marketing purposes at its own discretion. If you have an objection to it, please provide a written notice and have it written and signed by the ROYAL management.

Liability of personal Property: 
Clients, their guests and vendors are responsible for keeping their belongings and valuables in their own possession. Royal will not be responsible for any loss or damage to client’s, their guest’s or their vendor’s property.

Property use/ Damage Guidelines:
Materials, posters, signs, or literature may not be affixed to any room wall. We invite you to bring in any favors or decorations that will make your event memorable with the following restrictions: Candle decorations must be votive, tea light or floating candles. Solid pillar candles may be used one per table. Taper candles are not allowed. Bridal tables may include the Unity candle. Confetti requires a $150.00 clean up charge. The removal of decorative items brought in by you remains with you. We cannot be responsible for items left in the banquet rooms after the function end. Any damage to walls, floors, hotel equipment or furniture or loss of hotel equipment or equipment rented for the event is the sole responsibility of the client, company or individual and will be charged in accordance with the terms of this agreement. 

Promotional considerations: 
We have the right to review and approve any advertisements or promotional materials concerning your function, which specifically references the Royal India or Royal Banquet or any of its branches name or logo.

Attendance guarantee and pricing: 
At the initial time of booking an event, guaranteed attendees for the event are required and the price is quoted accordingly. A final guaranteed attendee count no less than seven business days prior to the event is required. This count cannot be less than the guarantee count given on the initial time of booking an event, if the number of counts goes down then pricing will be adjusted higher to cover all the expenses. 

Security arrangements:
It is the sole responsibility of the client to arrange security during the function. If for some reason the police need to be called, the function would stop and no refund will be issued. Customers will be liable for any and all  damages caused by the guests to the Royal and adjacent facilities to be paid within 7 days.

 Entire Agreement: 
This contract represents the sole and entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, agreements, arrangements or undergarments, either oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this contract.  
Insurance :
CLIENT must provide a General Liability insurance covering Royal India Miramar Inc. its owners, employees and owners of the property as an additional  Insured on.

Liquor liability insurance to be provided by the client:
If the event is providing liquor, clients should also make sure they have Liquor Liability covered on the certificate. 

 Workers’ Compensation -
If client is providing any staffing, client would also provide Workers' Compensation coverage, and CLIENT must issue a Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement or CLIENT will be solely responsible for any work related injury to the employee hired by the client directly.

Commercial Auto liability insurance:
If the client is driving onto our property, or property we are responsible for. Royal India Miramar Inc. must be added as an additional Insured on the Commercial Auto Policy in case they hit anything with their cars.

Reservation and Usage of Facility:
Reservation of the facility shall be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Usage of the facility shall be for the purpose agreed upon reservation and cannot be used for other purposes. Subleasing shall not be allowed without prior consent of the administrators of the facility. Usage of the facility may be extended by paying additional charges, depending on the circumstance and availability. If the venue is reserved already on the hours requested, Royal reserved right to extend or decline the extention.

Governing Law
This agreement shall be governed by rules of the state of California, to the exclusion of other state laws and jurisdictions.

Release of liability:
 I agree that in consideration of Royal India Miramar Inc. dba. Royal India Royal Banquet, collectively called “ROYAL” inhere, allows me to hold my event at Royal India/ Royal Banquet. Under the terms set forth herein, myself and on behalf of my family members, heirs, administrator, our outside vendors if any, personal representatives or assigns, do agree to hold harmless, release, and discharge ROYAL INDIA and/ or ROYAL BANQUET, its owners, agents, independent contractors, employees, representatives, assigns, members, owners of premises and affiliated organizations and insurers and other acting on its behalf of and from all claim, demand, causes of action and legal liability, whether your damage be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated and/ or its associate’s ordinary negligence; and I do further agree that except in the event of ROYAL INDIA’s and / or ROYAL BANQUET’s gross negligence and willful and wanton misconduct, I shall not bring any claim, demands, legal actions and causes of action, against “ROYAL” and its associates as stated above, for any economic and non-economic losses due to bodily injury, death, property damage, sustained by me and/ or my guest, my legal ward,  in relation to the operations of “ROYAL”, to include during, before or after the function.

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